Structured Reflections

I struggled with my morning pages today. I woke up later than usual, reached for my phone, had the morning chores, and by the time I sat down to write, I was annoyed at myself. That gives no chance for me to get into the flow. I did write several pages of calligraphy that I won’t share here, but a quote for today is still due.

I learned how to ask questions that offers stories instead of answers. (HT Rob Walker). I practised them along with my Toastmasters colleagues and it surfaced some deep, intimate stories that would otherwise have never been shared.

I felt pleased that I was able to bring another 50 or so people together today to listen to a colleague’s amazing campervan adventure, dodging lockdowns while working from the remotest regions of Australia.  Guilt, shame, pride, joy, happiness, laughter, all popped up at various times during the day.

I didn’t have a chance to read much today – browsing reddit doesn’t count. That, thankfully, was not out of control, a few minutes perhaps.

I asked at least three people about their experiences that few seem to be interested in, and yet are a great opportunity for improvement. The insights have helped shape a conversation I have tomorrow. Some more preparation necessary.

Responding to a structure as simple as “What I wrote, felt, read, asked, learned” is useful to reflect on the day, particularly when mental and physical fatigue prevail over the desire to write.