Living in the present is a mantra repeated often. Be here and now, and appreciate whatever’s here and now.

It comes into stark focus sometimes. A health scare – or sometimes not merely a scare. There’s an expiry date – no pun intended. Time’s actually counting down. What will your life be worth? What about in the time you have left? Can you make a difference for yourself? For those you really, truly care about? Make memories with them?

Several friends and family are struggling with their health right now. Some will brush the problems off easily, others have a long rocky road ahead of them. Some don’t have to worry about the money it will take to recover. Others won’t say it aloud but are worried more about how to pay for their medication. The economic stresses of being ill are visible on their faces, and the choices they’re having to make.

Life’s a struggle. Our friends and family can make it a little more bearable, or dare I say, sometimes fun.