Stories are Powerful

Stories are powerful forces for inspiration, and action.

I witnessed one today by a colleague who is hearing impaired, and an incredibly smart engineer. He spoke about his challenges, and how he’s learnt to deal with them, and the future he sees for himself – or makes happen.

I am grateful to have had him ask me if he could present. I ‘m lucky that his response to my encouragement to share his personal story instead of his product innovation was positive. Everyone who attended was privileged to hear his story of patience, perseverance and passion – and they all shone through in an audience of 50+ people who voluntarily turned up to the session I arrange on every Thursday afternoon.

By assenting to share his story, he also created the content that he can share with the world, with kids going through similar challenges as he did, with other people who support people going through similar challenges. I’m glad to have had a chance to play a small part in pulling together his story.

I love doing this, and I would do it without pay. Which funnily, I am doing now 🙂