Sprint 5: Activity

I got lots of things done this sprint, sure.   Reading the daily blog is a good way to remind myself what they were 🙂 Lots of activity, a few accomplishments.

I learnt not to forget preparation when speaking.  The weather reminded us to not forget Nature’s power. I put my foot in my mouth again, and bought a couple of books instantly to learn how not to say things in translation. I’ve read a few books, and applied the ideas.

I started writing for 20 minutes  this week, long hand, inspired by Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages.  The exercise has been cathartic when I’ve done it – my mind is calmer throughout the day, and I have more ‘mental room’ to deal with things.

Finances and taxes got the attention they needed, and back in order. That was a weight off my shoulders.

My family got the attention they hadn’t been getting, due to my long hours helping the speakers with their talks. I got both quality and quantity time with the people I most love and want to be around. The benefits are not measurable in the short term.

I’m drawn to the idea of systems and long-term impact. Helping people turns my creative juices on. All the reading I do on various subjects helps me help them more effectively. This fortnight: Speech-writing, crafting stories and presentations, creating narratives that resonate and cause action, connecting several people, financial reviews, grant applications, joining several dots at work and in my local community.

Health takes front-stage this next fortnight.  Follow through on the intent with Yoga mornings, walks at lunch-hour, and inhaling Nature in the evenings. A couple of medical appointments feature in this fortnight, all going well.