.. in the tech reporting space

Well said, Dave.. “stop using women as examples of confused computer users

& here’s why:
“Irrespective of where you live, if you are a woman,
chances are that you are doing more than one job. Your time is fragmented
in complicated ways. One of the natural consequences of this is that your
patience with things that don’t work is lower. In this sense, women become a
gold standard for usability. If you can get it right for women, it’s going to
be right for everyone. If you don’t aim at the beginning point of coming out of
the box and just working and working flawlessly, every time, there are going to
be a lot of women for whom that solution is never going to be a part of their
lives. Not because they don’t understand technology … but because there are so
many other constraints and pressures.” – Genevieve Bell, Social Anthropologist at Intel

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