A day of routine health tests to round out the year that is 2021.

The experience of having blood drawn out of me, although painless, always seems to be a bit more challenging every time I’ve had that done the last few times.

Today was not much different. The clinician who tried to do so this morning “struggled to find a vein”. When she did, she was able to draw only a tiny bit, so had to fish around until she filled a vial. The second vial only had air drawn into it (is that even possible? I wouldn’t have thought so if I hadn’t seen it myself) – and so tried a few more times. I’m not sure she got enough but she told me “that should be enough for this particular test” and I was out of there.  I had to do it again this afternoon, and it was the same story with a different technician at a different clinic.

I had a bunch of other tests and an appointment with the GP too. Today helped me figure out at least two of my next 100 days habits: Eating better and exercising consistently, in addition to the daily walks.

I’m going to try out some vocal exercises tonight, despite the cough. Getting back into warm-up routine and just doing it is important.