Retro, and Ruminations

I get to see hundreds of examples of amazing and awful leadership at work, which is obviously not news to anyone who’s ever worked in any organisation.

I have been ruminating on the subject of leadership and engagement surveys for a while now.  I finally wrote this down in what I expected would be a short note but which took me the good part of the day. Unedited, it is at 2000+ words, which I think is about 1900 words too many.

Writing it  down was liberating. It’s out of my head and on a document. I can now have room for another 2000 words to form, on perhaps a subject also closely related to that same one: culture and its relationship to the office.


The weekend is gloomy again, and with all the busy-ness of the last few days, the daily walk fell by the wayside.  A persistent cough (not COVID, checked), possibly by the pollen in the air whipped up by the strong storm winds, isn’t helping either.

Despite that, there are only 25 days of the 100 day challenge to go. I’ve learnt how little time it actually takes to do the four things I kept putting off every day, and therefore not doing at all. The walk needs to be re-examined, and reintroduced. There’s other things too I need to get a handle on, and another 100 day experiment will be handy to build some habit-muscle.