And just like that, the Christmas break comes to an end. About 20 days of rest and recovery from what was a year of nightmares, and reflections on some wonderful memories too. It has been cathartic to be able to sleep in, wake rested, go to bed late, work on things that matter deeply to me, to help with the community that I live in, and to generally be away from much of the humdrum of “work” demands.

Tomorrow begins the work routine, checkered this time with a renewed covid strain floating around. Some folks will be back tomorrow, and many others on the Monday following. Some won’t be back – a sign of the times with redundancies, resignations, and contract expiries.  I will miss them a lot too.

I’m getting my booster shot tomorrow, after the ATAGI recommended a reduction of interval between the second dose and the booster to 3 months. My 11-year old will also get his first shot in the next week or so, relieving somewhat the anxiety we have had.