I wrote about the gentle gentleman luthier in One Post to Another. I had the chance to visit him a few more times since then – today to pick up a cello that he set up for me.  He’s also an avid gardener, and took the time to show us around the garden. Watching a master craftsperson at their work is a joy; giving them the space and opportunity to talk about their craft is the least we can do.

It was also a joy to see two of my colleagues gather their thoughts, and get ready to share their work. While physical objects are beautiful and can be seen seen/felt/smelt(!), ideas are much harder to work with, and need as much if not more attention and crafting.  Storytelling and creating narrative from the chaos of the world around us is an incredibly powerful skill: the Ukrainian president is demonstrating that in the worst situation possible.

I didn’t get a chance to write my twenty minute journal this morning but that will wrap up my day. I read a page of Metaphors – Orientational Metaphors (the book hurts my head, and beautifully so!). I asked heaps of questions that started with why and where and ‘out of curiosity’.  I learned to play the C scale on the cello with a bow, and get a halfway decent sound from it.  Love, contentment, joy, and wonder were dominant emotions today. The magnificent moonrise on our walk this evening capped it, after my son & I both played the full-size cello, and heard the sounds resonate through the floor tiles and up my spine.