Resisting Resistance

This morning, after a restless sleepless night, and Resistance clawing at every fiber in my being, I sat down just before 9 to write my morning pages. Minutes in, I was running out of ideas. I had distractions galore I wanted to attend to. I wanted to message people, respond to emails, click through messages, anything to get out of writing.

Deciding to give attention to the sounds I was hearing at that moment was the focus I needed. Just one sensory element. The words flowed freely in seconds. And before I knew it, more than 20 minutes had passed. I had escaped the clutches of Resistance, and was soaring into the day.

It’s been a deliberate, productive day. Despite all the distractions and the several things I was pulled into, I have the distinct sense of progress towards goals. Including picking up the bow and cello and making some noises, and an ugly sketch of a pair of glasses lying on my desk.

I asked several questions today, and did not feel like a fool asking them. I got help, answers, and insights that will help me quickly navigate through the projects rocks I’m on.

And I still have four hours to go!