Remote Tech Support

I spent the last 24 hours (less a few hours of sleep) trying to recover a website with an expired domain for a close family member. I learnt far more about MySQL databases, WordPress installs & domain migrations than I could have doing any course.

The biggest lesson I had is also the simplest: make a list of the steps required, & follow those steps. I had several tabs open, each with a different focus, & I wasn’t meticulously following each step from one instruction (duh!) but reading about it from each of the open tabs. A great recipe for learning how not to do things 😀

All that said, when I finally got the new website to work (a new domain, a bit of spring cleaning on its looks, importing all three thousand posts from the old domain), my unusually loud whoop got the rest of the family a bit worried.

I also got the website to publish posts, selectively, to the users LinkedIn profile. (shout out to the good folks at Northern Beaches Websites for their work with AutoSocial).

All in all, a great way to finish an otherwise gloomy, wet day.