The best recommendation you can have is a happy customer.

It was sensational to see that in action today. I was invited to present on the innovation work that my team does to a new team. Rather than put a pack together, I asked a senior colleague who we’ve worked with extensively to give his colleagues (he’s new to this team) an overview. I could not have asked for a better introduction.  Thank you TS!

While words and language have power, having someone you trust extol a product’s – or person’s – characteristics is even more powerful. Do good work, then ask the people who’ve benefited to support you. That’s a lesson worth remembering.

The day ended with a Board meeting that involved a disciplinary proceeding. The person concerned stood by their actions because they believed that they were right, even though they contravened the agreement they signed up to. Integrity and honor upheld, even when the proceedings got hot. I was an observer, and it was hard to watch.

I distantly observe the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The emotions I’m feeling are alike to those I felt when I heard about Aaron Schwartz’s suicide. I can’t do anything about them, I don’t know them personally, and yet the humanity in each one of us pleads and tugs at our heartstrings, at the horror of the circumstances that lead people to kill others, or kill themselves.