Inspiring people are everywhere. Not merely inspiring, they are generous with their ideas, their advice, and their time. I’m truly lucky to have come across many such people throughout my career. In the early phase of my career, I’ve been guilty of not acknowledging their help, sometimes even brashly disregarding and/or disrespecting them.

It’s only upon reflection that I see how much their support has meant, how much they’ve influenced the way I think and behave.  I’ve been able to reconnnect with several of them over the years. It’s lucky that many are still alive, and are accessible.  I’ve made the the time to acknowledge their help to me. I’ve regretted deeply that it took me such a long time to understand and acknowledge. Better late than never.

I reconnected with another person today, after being reminded of their support by an article posted about them. They’ve probably forgotten me already, given the number of people they meet on a daily basis. They’ve very likely forgotten the questions they asked at the time, over a decade ago. I have too, but I remember how they made me feel.

It’s been a good day to reconnect. It’s been a good day to pay it forward too.