Reading Friction

Nearly a year into my feedreader experiment, has the friction I added to my reading workflow has done anything to my habits?

I’m feeling that I’ve read much less.

The friction – I have to click on a button to open up Feedbro – has meant I don’t click on it often. The computer I use, a work one, has restrictions on automatically opening tabs, so that option is also out for me.

With just this in place, I have 74 starred items on my list. Finding them is hard in context. They’re not available on other devices, so when I do want to share things with people (very often), I’m struggling to find out where they are so end up doing¬† a search and wasting far more time.

The lack of a curated list available means I am now reading stuff that is utterly banal (news media/reddit) when the opportunity to read exists.

I think it’s back to feedly for now. But in the meanwhile, I’m also keeping an eye on Matter¬† to integrate the other feeds.

To be continued…