Range of Emotions

I wrote for over 30 minutes this morning in my journal, and felt in the flow. I wrote to the me in the audience, and how I wanted me to feel. Through the course of the day I felt the whole range of emotions – fear, joy, exhilaration, gratitude, anger, calmness, fear, a sense of satisfaction when the whole thing was over, did I say fear?

I asked far more questions today of several people, and got some useful insights. I was able to help several people, and forgot to connect with a few others.

I learnt how to draw an ellipse using the four point method, because my daughter was struggling with her homework. Breaking it down into easy steps was made even easier by someone who’d posted it on YouTube. She went from frustration and anxiety to being in control and even taking a break!

It’s been an wonderful day of learning and connecting with humans. I hope at the very least, I have a few people thinking about problem spaces rather than problems, and how to reduce both.