Planning for Sprint Planning

The 100 day experiment has given me some useful systems, habits, and insights into my own emotional cycles. I’ve done retros a couple of times about this.

The consistency of writing a blog post, practising calligraphy, and ending the day with journalling, and the actual time it takes to do these things have been a pleasant surprise. I’ve become the type of person that does these things consistently.

I began thinking of this post as a way to review how I’ve lasted 100 days. Time to celebrate, or some such thing. Just after I opened a tab to start writing here, I made the mistake of turning to Twitter a couple of hours ago. And so two hours later…

It was a stark reminder that habits – or distractions – are powerful forces. Unless I’m deliberate about them, and clear about the boundaries I chose for myself with distractions (it’s a fine line between education and crass entertainment online!), I will rue wasted time.

There’s a list of things I wrote a couple of days that have been on my mind. These are broad themes in my nightly journaling. I’m going to attempt a fortnightly sprint, tackling one every fortnight or until I’m comfortable that it has become part of my identity.

I will invest time tonight into building a plan for the first sprint, and learn to do it in a tool called Notion that I’ve seen my daughter use. Identity based, process driven and outcome-expected are all getting some attention.