Photographic evidence

Photography offers several analogies to apply to life in general. I saw one in in particular have an incredible effect on people today.
A ritual observed in my team is a retro. It’s an opportunity to reflect together on the previous three weeks, and to recognise people’s efforts and help. They are uplifting, honest discussions, and always revealing.
The extent of change that’s going through the wider business takes its toll. New stakeholders who demonstrate little industry knowledge. Unreasonable deadlines under stringent fiscal challenges. And so on. Framing the situation we find ourselves in, and finding a meaningful subject that everyone can rally around is hard at the best of times. The leaders (yes plural) job is even harder in covid induced working conditions.
“Frame the situation” – that is what my friend and leader did today. His language to scan the landscape, to find the true essence of what made the humans in the team excited, to bring the collective focus to that enobling spirit, and to paint a portrait that captivates hearts and minds, was simple, authentic, and inspiring. Sure he is good at doing that, and each one of those things he did is the result of consistent work in building skills.