Pelicans, Hannibal, and Resume Writing

Perfect end to the weekend walk. The pelicans flying right over the single mangrove (apparently a halophyte – salt resistant plant) just as I took this picture, were like us, heading home.


I had watched Hannibal in early 2000’s, a few months after its release, and absolutely adored Anthony Hopkins’s terrifying portrayal of the cannibalistic serial killer. I discovered that my wife hadn’t actually seen, so we watched it again last night. She now knows my reference to “Hello, Clarice”.

By the way, the phrase has seemingly been associated with “the Silence of the Lambs”, but it was never actually used in it. It’s known as the Mandela Effect –  a situation in which a large mass of people believes that an event occurred when it did not.


I had learnt a few tricks in PowerPoint (this guy’s PPT YouTube channel has a ridiculously high value-to-time ratio) during a long overdue break a few months ago. I practiced those tricks to build my version of the Business Model You Canvas – a personal take on the Strategyzer Business Model Canvas. It was all high level bullet points, so it does not pass muster as a traditional resume.

Stacking skills is something I find compounds value, so today I tried to  use the Marcus Aurelius linguistic trick to think about my work self. I invested a lot of time today borrowing ideas, crafting my short summary, editing, rewriting…. and eventually giving up! The struggle tells me I need a lot of time on this, and very likely some help too. I don’t have a need immediately to have a resume ready, and therefore this is the best time to invest in creating one.