Pause over Phrase

Another week has gone by. A week of conversation, of challenges, of minor and major struggles. The incessant rain was the backdrop for all sorts of emotions. The sun has been a stranger, hiding no sooner than appearing for moments. A couple more days and then I hope the weather – both within and without – gets a little sunnier.

Learning how to ask good questions, and learning how to listen, are two skills I find myself struggling to practise. It’s easy to speak, to have an opinion, to fill up the time available with speech. There are heaps of distractions, making active listening almost impossible unless consciously done. And asking good questions is only possible if one is listening.

Pause. 7 seconds is a good chunk of ‘dead time’, according to Prof Patrick Winston, whose “How To Speak” is a fantastic investment of learning time. Aim to have pause have power over phrase this week.