Buying stuff online is a wonderful way to learn many things. Particularly, if the said purchase is for a young lad, a belated birthday present.

After months of walking the neighbour’s dog and a couple of generous gifts from older friends for his birthday, my son has earned about three-quarters of the money needed to buy his ‘dream’: a DJI Mavic Mini Drone.  He has been researching online, the retail prices and the licensing requirements to fly the drone (I was very impressed!), and has been badgering me in the last few months about getting it for his birthday.

I finally acquiesced and ordered it online on Sunday. The website we bought it off said delivery within 1-2 business days. Today happened to be day 3, and it’s still not arrived. Neither has there been any update from the retailer (a poor CX for sure, but this post is not about CX).

The young fella has been learning about logistics and supply chains, information gaps, the Australian Postal system, and that oft-quoted virtue, patience. He even tried some reverse psychology on me today, saying the drone arrived at 445pm, to examine if I got excited!


It was a beautiful sight on our walk too!