A single mum of two adolescents and loves working with her hands and enjoys solving problems. A young woman four years out of her high school, and never worked with technical tools.
They are two of the less than ten women in my company who work in the field in a male-dominated domain. It’s remarkable that two years later, doing similar jobs, they hadn’t met each other.  A chance conversation with another colleague/friend last week became the seeds for an idea that I’m currently working on. I’ll help them share their stories to a caring, curious audience that I have had the privilege of curating over the last couple of years.
There are an incredible number of opportunities around me that I have not paid attention to. They are like the shadows I ignore, despite being right in front of me. Changing orientation, or the source of light, or the perspective will provide a rich texture to the life and people around me I take for granted.
Hemingway Readability Index: 9