John Boyd developed the Observe – Orient – Decide – Act loop strategy to apply in  a military context, for combat operations.  The faster one is able to go through this loop, the more effective they are.

I’m involved in several projects at work. In most conversations I’ve had this week, I’ve observed the magnetic pull of “Act”. Let’s do something to fix things. I remain in the Observatory, usually alone. Perhaps people have already oriented to the situation, and have decided on a course of action. I find it fascinating that they choose to act on their decision the moment our conversation begins. I don’t know if they ever go through the loop again; I must find out over the course of the next few weeks.

I find it fascinating that people – myself often included – cannot help themselves from deciding and acting in the moment. Pausing is a heretic idea. There’s no need to sharpen the axe. Just keep hacking away and you’ll eventually cut the tree down.