Onward to Sprint 2

Sprint (v): run at full speed over a short distance, (n):an act or short spell of running at full speed.

Verb or noun, the last two weeks have flown by! The first of 26 sprints for 2022 was a good start, and I went a fair bit along what I wanted to learn.  I have kept up the daily writing habit, both here and in my journal, stretched my Spencerian writing into a longer quote that requires more strength, coordination and consistency, and I’ve kept up the `git` practise with R Markdown too.

I also found that taking a day off has been helpful, even when the weather has not (it’s been hot and humidity at 100% is an energy sapper!) My sleep patterns have still not gotten back to more reasonable hours – last night I was awake in bed until nearly 4am, and woke up at 9 this morning. This next sprint is a focus on just two things:

    1. (Re)uild sleep habits; specifically go to bed by 11 pm and read a book if I can’t sleep, and wake up by 6am
    2. Before I turn on the computer, do a push-up. Start at one.

There are of course other things to do during this sprint, most of which involve a computer screen (tax returns, investment reviews, create another presentation in xaringan from the great speeches).  The non-screen time efforts are sorely necessary, particularly on mobile. I’m spending 2-4 hours a day on top of the time I spend at the computer(s)!