On the state of the world – North Korea, China & the US [Article]

Scott Adams askswhy North Korea is not China’s problem – and the responses in comment thread are as interesting as his observations on the subject. Here’s one:

I can’t help but think North Korea is to China what Israel is to the USA. I mean…

Israel doesn’t have the support of the United Nations, just like North Korea doesn’t. The UN is constantly condemning Israel (or trying to) and the only people backing them up is the USA. Not too unlike China and North Korea.

Israel probably has nukes, and we turn a blind eye to the possibility. All of their neighbors are terrified, angry, and want something done about it. Everyone else in the world is against this. Not much different from China and North Korea.

The main difference is that Israel is OUR ally, so we think it’s okay and like them anyway. The rest of the world dislikes them and thinks we should get them under control.

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