On Keeping Promises

Are all promises worth the same?
How do you know?
If they aren’t, how do you discern which ones are worth making, & which ones should simply be a “Sorry, no, I don’t have the time to make it happen”.


Day 1 of my 2 week break has been fabulous.  Made a promise to myself that I’d not be working, & I’d be fully devoted to the family. Took the kids to the local library for term holiday activities that are usually set up. We had breakfast & lunch together, which was so much fun.  We bought a new phone for mum, & did all the chores we’d planned for the day. We played a game of badminton. It was unstructured, & it was fun, & it was liberating.

I did, of course, break my promise – kept browsing the phone, pining to keep abreast of the things I’ve set in motion before I decided to get off the wagon for a couple of weeks.  The phone turns off tonight.  Will I keep that promise?

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