Not tongue tied: An elevator experience

What do you do when you get into an elevator at work, & don’t really know who the one other person in there is?

My usual reaction (and one that I’ve been consciously trying to overcome) is to whip out the phone, & stare at the screen (I’ve done it even when I’ve run out of battery).

For the last few weeks, I’ve made a conscious effort to talk, even if it is something mundane like the weather (and the weather has been anything but mundane lately).

Happened again, yesterday.   He was responsive, had no phone in his hand either! We chatted and got out the same floor. 

And only when we parted did I realise that the reason he looked so familiar was because I’d seen his picture so many times. 

I hope to be as calm when conversing with anyone as I was yesterday when chatting away with the CEO.

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