Nature and Change

About four weeks ago, epidemiology was a word in a book, spelling & meaning unknown. The last few days, there’s a surge in the number of expert epidemiologists – those epidemiology universities must have been exceptionally busy churning them out.


Working from home the second day in a row, thanks to the virus. I sit at this table every morning at dawn, reading a few pages, writing out a quote that resonates with me. When I look out the window, I rarely see things because what’s on my mind takes over all cognitive abilities.  This morning, mulling over the quote from Mr. Aurelius, Marcus, as light filled & stirred the world, my eye went to the one yellow flower amid the green.  My wife, an avid gardener, planted a few seeds a while ago. And Nature, doing her thing, one day at a time, helped along by my wife watering the dry ground twice every day, seems to have exploded the seeds into this beast of a pumpkin vine, using the other plant (find out what it’s called!) as scaffolding as it takes over the world.

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