Debate and discussion are a healthy way of thrashing out ideas that at best malformed in our minds. How do you build a culture where debate and discussion are considered healthy and desirable?

It’s possible to do, and it takes time, and deliberate effort. For the last four years, it’s something I’ve contributed to along with the rest of my team. It is by no means easy. Everyday behavior and choice of words go some way in making this a reality.

And yet, I often stumble in my choice of language, and consequently vocabulary.  Idioms in my instinctive language don’t translate well to English, and not pausing to think about the implications of the translation leads to incorrect yet totally understandable interpretations.

I made another such stumble today. It was gently called out, and I apologized for my choice of words. And immediately thought of the book I need on my desk: Metaphors We Live By (Lakoff and Johnson). It’s on it’s way 🙂