Make a Difference

finding the energy and commitment to do things that others might not easily measure in the short run is the best way to make a difference. – Seth Godin

Reading has bookended a short nap I took in the afternoon: David & Tom Kelley’s book Creative Confidence followed Clayton Christensen’s essay “How will you measure your life”, and dozens of interesting blog posts. Natalie Merchant’s haunting version of “Motherland” is playing the background when I started writing this, just after I read Seth’s daily blog post.

From my meandering reflections of my life thus far, it’s amply clear that I have kept that voice inside me that wants to soar way beyond the boundaries I’ve found myself in. “Make a  living to have a life” is the tenet I’ve unconsciously followed, only occasionally permitting myself to follow purpose.

Re-reading the Manifesto for Agile Software Development  made me wonder about what and how I’ve prioritised throughout my life.  The 4 values of the manifesto acknowledge that there is value in both columns, and that they value what’s on the left OVER what’s on the right. In other words, when faced with a choice between two good things, the principles make the decision easier.  Clayton Christensen makes it even more personal: Choose the metric you will measure your life by, and live up to it.

It’s easier said than done. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. Listening to that voice inside, following my instinct when connecting with people, and trusting that I am carrying out my purpose has become much easier in the last four years.

I can measure the difference I’m making by my own yardstick.