Links Of The Week – 2009-09-30

Deutsche Telecom is getting its US subsidiary T-Mobile to sell 7200 towers to Crown Castle for $2.4b!

A fascinating documentary on “decision-making” from the BBC Horizon. Runs ~50 minutes. How spontaneous or rational are you? If you don’t have the time, go to 31:20 for how subliminal influences impact decisions.

What is a PhD, really? An illustrated example!

Here’s a step by step guide on how to make a sandwich if you don’t have arms. Inspirational!

A simple solution to the Apple maps vs Google maps fight. There is a difference between users, consumers & customers. Users use, consumers consume & customers pay!

Simon & Garfunkel at their Central Park Concert in 1980! or maybe you want to get a bass guitar lesson with Jaco Pastrious (if it catches your fancy).

A follow up story on Onion: It’s Iran’s official news agency that got duped this time round!

A picture of the largest umbrella in the world

Organ harvesting is in fashion, even when the donors may not necessarily be dead!

This story, No evidence of disease– an account of a disease that never was, sheds a different perspective!

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