Let the light shine through

The sun was up much before I was this morning (nothing new, of course). What I did notice as I walked out was the translucent leaves and the drops of water on them and the amazing color combinations as a new leaf sprung forth from the vine. The leaves simply let the light shine through.


So much of my effort over the last few months has been on keeping the inspiration spark alive for everyone else around me. Almost everyone I have spoken to this week has framed the problems we individually see using the same phrases of exhaustion, ennui, distrust, and a lack of leadership. It is easy to feel at home with this view, and that’s exactly when I remember Eddie Jaku’s  talk about happiness being a choice.


In the midst of the exhaustion though, I’m grateful for a conversation I had with a colleague who reached out to me today, and I spoke to for the first time. He is deaf, and yet is an accomplished percussionist. His enthusiasm to share with me his idea was infectious. I will help him craft his inspiring story in a few weeks, and that is inspiration enough for me.

I crafted a note today that I am pleased with; the ideas flowed as soon as I let my brain wander; and the result was well received by the few people I shared it with.