Learning in public

The experiment I have set in motion is on tomorrow. My preparation, as much as I have done it, is under strain. A few key people I had thought would be there to contribute have had significant personal challenges to deal with.  There’s quite a few people who can’t/ won’t make it.

The primary objective of my experiment is to invite people to feel safe to share their ideas. Many do already. This is for the silent majority that I can not meet individually but who I trust are as creative as everyone else to join in. They show up all the time, and yet hold a little back.

I get to learn and practice my facilitation, leadership and synthesizing skills. In public.

I read the first few pages of “The Metaphors We Live By” today. It’s felt like an update of my Operating System!

I asked for help from a few people, and some agreed! Others gave me an opportunity to practice my persuasion skills.

I wrote for twenty minutes this morning in a journal, and for twenty more transcribing the first paragraph of “The Metaphors…” in Spencerian.

I learned that under the veneer of control, several close friends are struggling with their fears. Some are learning how to be vulnerable despite their fears of being vulnerable.

I most felt at ease with myself, my thoughts, and my emotions. I felt enormous gratitude for someone who’s helped me – and my team – survive through challenging budgetary times, and is about to depart. I also felt enormous pride in the tribe that I work with.