Learning Detour: CSS

Confident enough in my exercises yesterday with Rmarkdown, I decided on a very simple project for today:

Project 1: Take one slide with one word on it, and apply formats to it using CSS on ioslides

The broad steps I expected to take:

      1. Create an Rmd with one word on it. Easy enough
      2. Create a simple stylesheet which makes font huge
      3. Create some variations on it.

After about an hour or so of fumbling around Step 2, I realised I had so little conceptual understanding of CSS that I was simply stabbing in the dark. Stackoverflow’s simplest answer was a link to the CSS tutorial from W3Schools. It took a couple of hours, along with doing the exercises.


Yihui says in a blog post that `ioslides` aren’t really customisable so he created `xaringan` as an alternative. That’s where I’m headed now.

Who said learning was a straight line?