Leadership Lessons from Music: Interpretations Class, Benjamin Zander

I’ve linked to Benjamin Zander’s TED talk before but I’ve never shared his fascinating “Interpretations of Music, Lessons For Life” sessions.  Putthing that to right here today.

I’ve been hooked – pun intended – on these for a long time, & for very good reason. Watch this incredible transformation in a young musician’s performance – indeed his whole persona –  after Zander introduces some ideas, encourages him to consider them while performing, how to interpret written music & bring it to life, & to focus on the receivers needs rather than his own.

Zander’s personality is infectious: his zest for life, for bringing music to life, & for helping young musicians discover the possibilities when then use their whole selves as the instrument from which great stories are musically told.  I love his ability to provide feedback – appreciation, evaluation & coaching – throughout, using anecdotes, his own experience & often demonstrating using the piano.

Be mesmerized.