Laughter is the wrench we use to loosen anxiety. [Article]

Bob Fulghum is moving, & writes about the experience. Read part 1 and part 2

Moving is like molting – your exoskeleton gets shed for a new skin. Moving is like migrating – new pastures – new opportunities. Moving numbs the mind and soul, and excites the imagination at the same time.

and then this

Yesterday, in a mind-numbing moving-and-storage funk, I went for a drive alone. In search of serenity, I visited my best Seattle real estate investment. I own it free and clear – no mortgage, no taxes, no obligations to it. 

It’s a hole in the ground, actually – about the size of an old-fashioned telephone booth laid on its side – and covered, for now, in grass.  This is my cemetery plot. In Lake View Cemetery on Capitol Hill.

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