Improve your handwriting

This was my warm-up project on the 37th cohort of the AltMBA.

I’ve been fascinated with handwriting for as long as I can remember. Ornate letters, written neatly often using a reusable (!) fountain pen, the words as beautiful as the sentiment they gave shape to. Most of the adults I knew back then seemed to have that ability to write beautifully, and very few of my pre-teen peers seemed to care.

Fast forward a little over three decades. Internet access, time, curiosity all aligned late one Friday night. Browsing through the returns for a web search for “calligraphy”, I came across (The International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers & Teachers of Handwriting).

What blew my mind was this quote: “In the tradition of the Zanerian College, Master Penman inductees were required to produce their own certificate as proof of their ability.” There are only 16 living Master Pen(folks) in the world.

The treasure trove that is the library of rare books ( inspired me to re-learn how to write better. Simple as it is, it’s craftsmanship that I find worthy of trying out myself. It’s helped my kids and a few of their friends start learning how to write better – a process that seemingly isn’t greatly encouraged these days.

I must be getting a little better after a few years of inconsistent practice: our family’s Christmas cards are, according to my wife, getting more attention than (in my opinion) the absolutely delicious Christmas savories she spends hours making :slight_smile:

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