I’m back (to paraphrase Syl Stallone)

March was a month of hibernation to blogging.
Come to think of it, so has April, until today.

I didn’t feel compelled to share. Not greedy or possessive. Just not compelled to share. Fortunately, that was restricted to my online life activities.

In a way, it was cathartic (I heard the word again today, & felt compelled to use it somewhere, so here it is!). Doing something is as liberating as not doing something.

If that makes any sense.

There may be some posts soon. I’ve found some sources online that piqued my interest. Openculture was one.
I also my hands dirty (literally) with paving paint, turning our shabby garage into a cleaner play area for the kids.
I’m also preparing for my 10th speech out of the Competent Communicator’s manual

Interesting stuff happening all around. Good, bad, who knows? Labels are just another way of getting a handle on things.

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