Flu-like symptoms – not CoVID, we tested – have hit the household this week. It’s taken out some of our usual walks, and some of my morning routines as well, given I’m now mum and dad both for the kids who have started going back to school. And this evening, I’m beginning to feel a little sore too; hopefully nothing a stiff brandy concoction and a good night’s sleep won’t fix.

This week I’ve had multiple people tell me about more serious, life-threatening illness that have affected them or their immediate family.

Everything suddenly is in sharper focus – what were high priorities fade away into the background as noise, and who/what is really important and was sometimes unfortunately relegated to another day some time in the future is front and center. Nothing else really matters.

Making sure the important remain important every single day. Life live as if every day were your last. Treat everyone else as if it was their last.