For the last few weeks, I’ve regularly received notifications and messages about people leaving the company. Some were leaving because their roles were made redundant. Others were leaving for opportunities elsewhere. Some others had come to the conclusion that they were done with ‘work’.

I know most of them well. Before the pandemic, I would make the opportunity to talk to people, hear their story, and learn what they did or what made them tick. Being cooped up at home for the last 18 months or so, on a common communication platform at work, meant I could quite easily call and talk virtually. Some were eager to converse. Others chose to ignore. Both were perfectly acceptable responses given the circumstances.

Something I’ve come to observe – by no means a scientific analysis – is every one who’s reached out to tell me of their departure has a new sense of purpose. Or hope. Or acceptance. I sense it in the way they write or the emotion in their voice or the twinkle in their eyes.

I came across an article today on hope, serendipitously it appears. The title was “Hope is the antidote to helplessness”. The