Happy Anniversary

2555 days & nights.

Of joy. & a few of sorrow.
Of peace. & some where it was wished for.
Of happiness. Mostly.
Of gratitude. Sometimes for the temporary ability of deafness.
Of forgiveness. Even when it was hard.
Of kindness. Especially when it wasn’t deserved.
Of rock-solid support. Even when it seemed like shaky ground.
Of fun. Even when it didn’t seem like it at the moment.

My gorgeous wife, Sona, & I, were wished upon us a ‘Happy Married Life’ 7 years ago.
We gratefully accepted those wishes with very little knowledge of what lay ahead.
We learnt along the way. & still are.
That we have just one another. Even when we had family & friends around.
That Happy-ness is a journey. Not a destination.
That Home is where we decide to keep our hearts. Not an enclosure of walls.
That Children are a blessing. Even when they make their best effort to prove otherwise.
That Madness is a common streak in people. Especially when you’re married.
That Decisions are easy to make. Following through with them isn’t so.
That Solitude is available. Maybe even necessary. Again, especially when you’re married.
That Choices are visible only if you are willing to accept them.
That Sacrifices are essential. But they don’t cause as much pain as it’s made out to be.
That Sickness is an instant relationship healer. If you allow it to be.
That Health is a constant work-in-progress.
That Kids say the truth always. Especially when you don’t want them to.

As we step into the 8th year of our wedded life, & 11th (or is it 12th?) year of having known one another [it’s enough that one person remembers those dates! 😉 ] I wish us that Irish blessing, modified slightly:

“I wish us enough sun to keep our attitude bright,
 and enough rain to make us appreciate the sun more.
 I wish us enough happiness to keep our spirit alive,
 and enough pain so that the smallest joys in life
 appear much bigger than they are. 
I wish us enough gain to satisfy your wanting, 
and enough loss that we’ll appreciate all that we possess. 
And I wish us enough “Hello’s” to get us through the final “Goodbye”.

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!

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