Grateful learning

There are so many wonderful people I’ve gotten to meet, learn from, build a relationship with over the last few years at work.  We shared a common goal in building a nation’s infrastructure, and despite the various strengths and perspectives we each came with, it has been an astounding opportunity to work with some of the best minds that I have known in my life.

There has been a steady march of people leaving, and of late the trickle has been a flood of people I respect deeply.  Various reasons of course, but one common thread has been the lack of stimulating work, replaced by the politics and the bureaucracy, and a deep sense of feeling unworthy and disrespected.

What do leaders (new or old) do when they find themselves in a situation like this?  Individual decisions to leave are obviously not within their control. What is? And how can they take responsibility for the things within their control and act on them? I will continue to observe and learn at close quarters.

The opportunity to learn from this situation is itself something I’m grateful for.