Glutton vs Gourmand

Today’s walk was at the flea markets; for over 2 hours, I trudged along carrying stuff and occasionally loading it into the car. I didn’t bother taking any pictures so there’ll be a gap in today’s daily walk pic.

It was an interesting experience at the flea markets. People had certainly had enough of the lockdown. There was a mood of celebration in the air, the vendors were cheerful, the size of the crowds indicating a revival in economics of that market. The ‘controllers’ were bravely trying to get everyone to comply with Covid requirements – mostly unsuccessfully from my observation.

The last twenty four hours have been exhausting, yet provided some much needed respite from months of lockdown.  Visiting friends, lots of food and drink, festivals and celebrations adding to the sweets-excuses. I need a day or so of fasting to get over this feeling of having overindulged.  The pressure to try out “food I made, you can’t not eat it!” was certainly part of the reason, but my own inability to say no when I was full is to be squarely blamed 🙂

I did manage to listen to at least an hour or so of this conversation between Tim Ferris, Chris Dixon & Naval Ravikant this afternoon, after that overindulgence at lunch. I’m going to have to rewind a bit and listen to it in its entirety.