The young lad wants to buy a game for his Xbox. Should be pretty straightforward but after so much struggle, we’ve just discovered that the thing he wants is not available for purchase unless he is 18 or older.  Why not put that basic message up, instead of having to get your users (particularly ignoramus parents buying for this kids) to meander through this mess and buy stuff that simply locks you into subscriptions you can’t / won’t ever use?

The extent of friction that most companies seem to inflict on their customers, despite the lip service that most of them give to ‘great customer experience’ could certainly be a good one to exploit?  Why do these billing processes/ systems make life so hard for everyone involved?

I wonder if it has anything to do with the dinosaur finance execs? My exasperation with the awfully retrograde views of several finance ‘leaders’ whose only knowledge of business technology seemed to be the grid of spreadsheets forced me to give up and move away from the career I spent over two decades in.  Any novel solutions – nay, even the thought of examining possible solutions to remove friction  in the billing/finance processes – seems to get this lot in knots. Rather than argue with them, and get them to change their views, most people (including myself) simply take it as one of life’s unchangeable challenges.