Foot in door

# Have you ever withheld part of your repertoire in order to get your foot through the door?

More often than not. Maybe even always.

The most common rejection story in my job hunt:

I come across a role that asks for certain skills. I do my research about the company, the workplace, the people. I see possibilities in that role that I think everyone clearly sees, and particularly so with the skills that I have in addition to the ones that are asked for. I craft a resume for that role, write a cover letter that adds the color and the possibilities I see. I get a rejection letter (not even a call these days) that says the company has decided not to progress with my application. Progress (rarely) happens when I only craft a response specifically to that job role advertised.

More often than not, people I’ve worked previously recommend or introduce me to the people hiring. That progress far more and far quicker. In such instances, I am often prompted to explain more about the stuff that’s NOT on my resume. It’s no longer about getting a foot through the door, because I’m invited to bring my whole self in for a conversation, not to play footsie.