There are times when we get so engrossed in something that all sense of time disappears. Flow, as Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi called it.  The humidity, the hunger, none of them matter – just the task at hand. And a sense of satisfaction, joy at the end of it.

It was wonderful today to be in that zone. Learning how to use Notion, while building a structure of all the radio station requirements that I see at varying levels of grain, sometimes getting into the hairy details that most of my fellow volunteers won’t have a clue how to even think about but the kind of stuff that gets me all excited 🙂

I have had – and will continue to have – people scoff at the effort I put into these things. Why bother, they ask, why do you do the work?

I like how Seth Godin calls it “The way we make things better is by caring enough about how we serve to imagine the story that they need to hear.” In the meanwhile, I’m also building skills that I don’t often get to stretch and develop at work. I think it’s worth the effort.