Finding voice

I’ve spent hours now with 4 humans to help them craft their individual, `10 minute stories at the next Talks session I’m hosting. It’s been a joy to help them express their message, and to find their voice.

I found myself using the word ‘powerful’ multiple times while re-stating what I was hearing from those conversations. I unearthed the rawest of emotion when I probed a little. My questions and paraphrasing what I heard helped them reveal what lay dormant. Buried under social niceties or years of anguish or forgotten with the passage of time.

Finding one’s voice is not easy. Being able to do this with them is a gift, and I’m lucky to be able to do it as often as I choose to do. Powerful is what it makes each one of them feel, I hope. Helping someone find their voice is deeply satisfying, and helps me find inspiration for my own life.

Hemingway Readability Score: Grade 7