Finding Joy

The young child who got his/her first computer at the age of 8/9/10. The fascination with how it did things. The desire to learn more about how it does its thing. Getting hooked/in the flow.

These stories (with some modifications) are common to hear from the leaders in the field. Great fame and fortunes are amassed.  How good it is that they found their calling at such a young age, etc etc.

As a parent with a precoccious child who has to be torn away from his computer or his screen-based learning, I’m not sure how the parents of these rich and famous folks dealt with screen time. The discipline of doing the basics, repeating them, working on the ethic(s) muscle as much as the intellectual and physical ones are often glossed over in those stories, I think.

All that said, I was pleased at how much the young lad was able to educate me on about his drone, the regulations about flying it, the mechanics as well as he understood them, the explanations of what potentially had gone wrong to not let him fly a couple of days, the boost in confidence, and the sheer joy he shared with me.  This picture is from one of his first solo flights, on a cloudy afternoon, when the rain broke for a bit.