Finding Joy

Negative on the first test. Awaiting second PCR test results tonight. It seems inevitable that COVID will infect the household. The hope is that vaccinations will likely temper the effect of the virus. My daughter is the only one so far that isn’t showing any symptoms.

While all that’s going on, I found joy in relearning how to draw/sketch this last week. Pencils and paper. Light and shadow. Perspectives and lines. Observation. Learning to see what I often ignore or take for granted. I want to draw portraits or carricatures of a few close people. It’s given me renewed interest in this art form I so loved as a child/adolescent. Feynman’s story – that he started taking drawing lessons at the age of 44 – was the inspiration I needed.

Friday morning chaos was my excuse for skipping the 6th day of push-up challenge. Instead of doing it later that day, I put it out of my mind. I will re-do week 2, and improve on form. Reading and coding didn’t get attention this week either.

Small things done (or not) every day for long periods of time. That’s what habits are. I will do well to remember that.

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