Fears and Action

Aim for Clear, Credible and Persuasive writing, recommends Darius Foroux.   Whether writing for an audience of one or a thousand, the argument holds, and the effects are felt in every other part of life.

It’s been ~140 days since I started writing publicly again, and consistently this time. It still terrifies that someone might find this writing, read it, and get disappointed. The fears are endless, and not only with writing. The fear of being found out to be an impostor is bubbling forever under the surface. I’m not alone.  Some are rich brave enough to admit it in public. Most seem to have everything under control, or pretend convincingly.
I often have this fear that paralyses me into inaction. Breaking that pattern, I repeatedly learn, is to take a small action. Whether it’s sketching, doodling, reading a book, writing out a quote in my calligraphy notebook, repairing some broken link on the station’s website – something, anything that takes the focus of attention away from “i, me” helps.  But doing something is not always appealing.
I ended the work week by aiming to find and persuade four young women to talk about their journey as technicians in a male-dominated industry. I found two and persuaded one. The fear of connecting with other humans because they are different doesn’t have much hold on me. Learning to use that power as a way to get out of the rut in other parts of my life has been invaluable.