Everything’s amazing, and yet everything’s mundane

Progress is how the miraculous becomes mundane. Many of our ancestors would have given limbs for the privilege of seeing what’s on the other side of our window shades in the sky. Glad all we need is to give up our cynicism about flying.

from a blog post by the inimitable Doc Searls. 

Very often, I forget that if only I stop staring at some screen or book I’m engrossed in & look up, something fascinating is happening all around me. Whether it is people’s conversations, or Nature’s thandava, something always is happening. The mere fact that I can type this on some plastic-y object, & things magically appear on a screen that’s glowing, & with the push of a button, all 12 of my blog readers can see my thoughts – isn’t that miraculous?  

What other miracles have I missed today because I’m so busy pretending to be the center of the universe? What have you missed?

Bonus link: Everything’s amazing, but nobody’s happy

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